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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Countdown to our Golden Scissor Show

The countdown is on.  Our Golden Scissor show is only 10 days away. If you are local to San Diego, please plan to attend.

Arturo Ramirez

The trip had some bumps with flight connections, mishaps with boarding trains, staying on-schedule, an so on. would be an understatement. No one ever said herding 20 creative-minded people would be easy. To say that this trip was inspirational would also be an understatement. It's quite amazing to be overwhelmed at some of these sights, then turn to realize that the person next to you is just as enthralled, if not more.

For me, personally, I was most fascinated with each city's sense of style. Milan's vibrant, well-tailored brilliance to Lyon's subtle trendiness and finally Paris's deep, rich, grunge infused "devil may care" attitude. Tre chic. It was a struggle, really, for those of us who like to dress for each occasion to keep up with the ever changing euro styles. The first day in Milan I remember seeing sharp man after sharp man walking the streets (or cycling) then looking at Ivvan and saying to each other "we need to go shopping". And just when I thought I figured out the the euro-fashion equation, we stroll into Paris only to find that our new Milano blazers were no match for their rock n roll leather jackets. Off to the shops we went again. I could go on for days but I'll spare you the pain and stick to one key lesson I learned. The world is ever expanding and sometimes you think you've made a place for yourself when really you can travel across the globe and find there's a perfect slot, tailored to you and waiting for you to find it.

I found mine, and I can't wait to fill it.

-Arturo Ramirez

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What's in your Purse?

Mesa Fashion Blogger: Lisa Washington

Everyone has those items that they just can’t be without.  I asked a few students in the fashion program what are those items and why. 

Maryiam, one of the fashion program students, said her Revlon eyeliner is a must have for her because you never know when you're going to need. The same is true of her cell phone.  Another student said she likes everything in small sizes so it can fit into her bag; M.A.C lip gloss, gum, perfume, cell phone, and ipod. 

Here, Cynthia shares with us what is in her bag.