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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Josh Boranian

Even though I was half asleep (since we just arrived in Milan), I was very excited to go to Gandini fabrics. I had a small idea of how they influenced the world wide fashion business, but was blown away when our Gandini guide showed us the murals of all the haute fashion on the runway made with their fabrics. When the swatches were brought out, I was able to match some to recent collections. While the rest of the group was buying fabrics I was sitting with a few other students in a room discussing what we just learned when a superbly dressed older woman walked in with an assistant and rummaged through the swatches on the table. We sat and watched her in silence for a minute and I'm sure we all realized at the same moment that it was Mrs. Gandini. She looked up just then and immediately introduced herself and we took pictures and asked a few questions. I don't think I've met anybody that famous and influential and probably never will again.

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